Astra airLIFT

 airLIFT with volvo


One of the latest innovative lifts from Astra, the airLIFT is a completely air driven scissor lift. With a 2.5 ton load capacity and a good working height, it's perfect for stripping, fitting and even painting under sills. As the lift has no electrical parts it can be operated safely within a spraybooth.

airLIFT options:

  • airLIFT W / WP, (shown above) with loading platform, lifts under wheel, for use in prep bays.
  • airLIFT, fixed lift with loading arms (shown below)
  • airLIFT P, mobile lift control unit is mounted on trolley with is used to move the lift (shown below)

airLIFT in booth

Fixed airLIFT in a prep bay

airLIFT passat 

Mobile airLIFT (P) shown with red trolley for movement and control of the lift.